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Eternal Sentinel

52 '
Written and directed by Maryam Ashrāfi
With the support of Stanford University and Reporters sans Frontières
Upcoming impact campaign

Maryam Ashrāfi is a photo reporter who collaborates regularly with The Guardian. After having covered the Syrian conflict in immersion with the Kurdish people, she witnesses an explosion in which she loses a collaborator. To overcome the trauma, she decides to make her first film on the daily life of journalists in times of war. A reflection on a profession-passion, the wounds it can leave and above all, how to heal them.


Une Jeunesse Rom

52 '
Written and directed by Déborah Da Silva

In coproduction with France 3 Ile-de-France

With the support of the CNC Fonds Images de la Diversité
Supported by the Danielle Mitterrand Foundation

Release: end of 2021
Upcoming impact campaign


It is one of the taboos of the Republic. Slums are popping up all over the country, mostly inhabited by families of Rom origin. Faced with the general idleness, several young people decided to act. Supported by Juliette and Anina, architect and lawyer, they will try to put an end to the stigma of which they are victims. First step in their fight: to educate all the children in their community.

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